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Friday, March 25, 2011 – I worked at Ms. Mary’s house with 4 other men. I installed the jambs and casing for 2 bi-fold closet doors. Don, John and I walked down the street to Willie’s house to take the shower stall out of the house because a bath tub was installed by mistake. Unfortunately, the shower wouldn’t fit out the door. So, we had to take the entire front door out of the wall. Then the shower unit easily fit out and we reinstalled the door. I then installed interior casing on the front and back doors. I also built a ceiling access panel for the Attic hatch in the Hall. Baseboard trim was installed in the 3 bedrooms. We cleaned up and loaded all of the tools to take back to the MDS unit site. We ate lunch and then left for the MDS unit. Back at the MDS unit, we unloaded the truck and put the tools away. We washed and swept out the MDS vehicles. We showered and loaded our suitcases and were on the road North around 2:00 PM. We stopped on Rt 90 to take a few pictures of the beach before leaving the coast. Ate supper at a Chic-Fil-A and drove on to Athens, TN arriving around midnight. We stayed at the same Days Inn motel that we did on the way down.

– Dennis Gehman

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Happy Remodeling!

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