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Saturday, March 26, 2011 – Our wake-up call came at 6:30 AM. We ate at the motel before we left around 8:00 AM. I drove first and headed North. I was driving North on I-75 past Knoxville, TN  where I should have taken I-40 East toward VA and Route 81. I didn’t realize my mistake until we saw the “Welcome to Kentucky” sign. We stopped at the welcome center and were told that the best way to get back on track was to turn around. It took about 2 hours to get us back on track. We ate lunch at Long John Silvers at mile marker 5 on Rt. 81 in southern VA. Gary was driving as we left and after about 15 minutes Dorothy said “Where’s my purse?” We turned around and called back to the restaurant; they found the purse and held it for her. That took another half an hour. We ate supper at Denny’s in northern VA. Dan filled up the gas tank and we hit the road North at 7:45 PM.

While at supper, Susan asked each of us why we went on the MDS trip and what our most memorable experience was of the trip. Susan is planning to write an article for ‘Spotlight’ which is the newsletter for our church, Covenant Community Fellowship. I said that I went because I think MDS does a good work in the name of Christ and I want to use my construction skills for God’s glory. I enjoyed working with Hank and getting to go shopping with him to Home Depot. Dorothy is reading what I’m writing so have to be careful what I write.

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Since we’re going to be later than we expected in getting home, Glenda asked our daughter Kaela to pick up milk for us so we can eat breakfast in the morning before church.

We got back to Franconia Mennonite Church at 11:30 PM. Everyone was tired but fulfilled knowing that we served others in the name of Jesus.

– Dennis Gehman

Happy Remodeling!

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