The modern toilet design was patented sometime around the same time as the founding of the United States, well over 200 years ago. While the toilet function has remained relatively unchanged, there have been many design changes and developments in the toilet as well as the other fixtures in the Bathroom.

Individual comfort demands have taken the personal space that is the Bathroom to whole new heights. From in-floor radiant heat, personal shower towers, and spa-quality tubs, to automated personalized water temperature modules, television/computer screens and stereo systems, the sky is actually the limit when it comes to personalizing your Bathroom.

Fancy finishes such as marble and granite are not reserved for the Kitchen anymore either. Designers are not afraid to incorporate these luxury materials into their grand designs for the Bathroom.

Escape was probably the word that your Father used when he thought of retreating to the Bathroom for some quality alone time. But almost guaranteed he never thought of the many options that are available to today’s homeowner who is in the market for a Bathroom makeover. As long a Dad had the Reader’s Digest he was happy. But given the multimedia options available today, the modern day Dad can have a computer access port next to the tub and download an e-copy of his favorite book to read while soaking in the tub. Or even have a H.D. widescreen TV screen mounted conveniently as to not miss a single pitch of the World Series even if he has to get ready for dinner with the in-laws.

Getting back to the new trends in toilets. Dual flush capabilities are saving homeowners water as well as money each time they flush. Design styles have made the toilet a major player now and not just a necessary evil that designers had to stick in a closet to keep out of view.

Just remember you can break free from the concept of utility and enter the realm of escape and pampering when thinking about a new Bathroom. Don’t think that you have to travel to faraway places to experience the exotic environments that you see on the Travel Chanel. Gehman Custom Remodeling has the design resources, the components, as well as the craftsmen to create your getaway right in your own home!

Happy remodeling!

Next Time…Automation and Connectivity in the Bathroom of All Places

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